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Preparing my first post-lockdown museum visit

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

As a person that spent the biggest part of my quarantine being in lockdown in Italy, I currently enjoy every moment of my “post-lockdown” freedom. Being temporarily back to my hometown in Greece I plan my everyday activities carefully and facing them as something new and exciting. Although, I have already met my family, a few friends, visited my favorite cafes I still haven’t done my first post-lockdown museum visit.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Photo: Malichoutsaki

Planning my first visit post quarantine has become something like a ritual in my mind. Starting from thinking about which museum would be "the chosen one" for the first visit (should I choose my favorite museum or a museum that I have never visited yet) to choose the best outfit for this special day.

From the beginning, I was very sure about one thing. I want this first, very unique visit to be something that I’ll experience alone. Even though after the loneliness of the lockdown I always seek to spend my free time with friends and enjoying the “privilege” of being with some company, I decided that I need some time alone in the museum galleries. I want to take my time and appreciate the art, staring my favorite artwork as long as I want without rushing and at the end of the visit complete my visitor's experience by enjoying a coffee reading my book at the museum café.

This visit will be like a personal catharsis and a kind of rebirth that will remark the end of some very stressful months.

A few things to consider:

Visit a local museum

By visiting a small local museum in your neighborhood you’ll avoid being stuck in crowded galleries and waiting long queues. You also support a small museum that has probably been more affected by the consequences of the lockdown.

Combine the visit with a café-lunch

Think about combing your visit with a lunch break at your favorite museum café or restaurant. It will be something that will enhance even more your museum experience and will financially support even more the museum.

Avoid rush-hours

Probably you will need to use public transportation or your car to reach the museum. If your schedule is flexible, it would be wise to choose sometime during the day and not early in the morning with the early commuters. By doing that you’ll be able to avoid also the lines at the entrance and respect the social distancing.

Choose wisely to avoid unnecessary traveling

As mentioned above you can always choose a museum, or a gallery, or even a historical building in your neighborhood. By choosing something within walking distance from your home you avoid unnecessary traveling and at the same time, you have the chance to engage with your local cultural network. I bet there is this tiny hidden gem in your neighborhood that you always wanted to visit and you never did, so now it’s the perfect moment to do that.

Respect museum staff

I know that your museum visit is a very exciting moment and something that you long waited for, but we should not forget all the safety measures that are applied during these days. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, our visits will not be the same as they used to be, probably for a while... We need to remember that we should be careful while visiting, respecting the guidelines, and the safety measures. The museum staff will be there to guide us during this new visiting experience, but let’s be thoughtful and try to make their new routine as easier and as less stressful as possible.

Remember: It's okay not to be okay. If you feel that it's still a bit early for you to visit a museum or another cultural space under the social distancing measures, it's understandable. You may want to wait a little bit longer until you feel comfortable to meet again with your favorite museum and this is fine.


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